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Wakeboarding is a sport that is rising in popularity in the US. Created out of a mixture of water skiing and snowboarding, the high octane sport sees contestants pulled along […]

How Do I Deal With Extreme Cowardice And Emotional Problems?

08/10/2010, 4 Comments

In a nut shell, I suffer with extreme cowardice,super low self esteem, extreme shyness and severe depression. I ain’t got much going for me, I s ...

Extreme Sports

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Extreme Sports Nobody can deny that the newest crazes with kids are the extreme sports. The phenomenon has reached all the way down to kids as young a ...

Why Isn’t Extreme Body Building Considered A Mental Disorder But Anorexia And Others Is?

07/15/2010, 4 Comments

Ever wonder this? Obviously anorexia nervosa is a recognized mental disorder that can lead to death. But, why isn’t extreme bodybuilding? You kn ...

  • When Flowers, Seeds, or Roots Attack
    03/03/2010, 6 Comments

    A staple of any cheesy movie set in the jungle is the scene where somebody falls victim to the enormous, man-eating plant. Obviously this scene is impossible, plants are still […]