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Embed this on your siteSource: Identifying Customer Service RepresentativesCustomer Service is not just warm and fuzzies. Companies strive to maintain a phenomenal reputation with their customers through their Customer Service […]


8 Offbeat Careers You Should Want

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If you’re bored with your job, want a change, or just wish that you could do something different, there are all kinds of interesting jobs out th ...

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Inspired

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Image via Wikipedia It may be true that success is “one percent inspiration” and “99 percent perspiration,” but it’s tha ...

Prepaid Credit Cards: A Money Option

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Image via Wikipedia Traditionally, people think of banks as a place to put your money, and credit cards as a way to spend it, with debit cards being a ...

  • 2 Tips For Becoming Debt-Free
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    The path to eliminating debt, much like the path to enlightenment, can be a road filled with obstacles, traps and pitfalls, or a freshly paved lane with nary a bump. […]