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Embed this on your siteSource: Identifying Customer Service RepresentativesCustomer Service is not just warm and fuzzies. Companies strive to maintain a phenomenal reputation with their customers through their Customer Service […]


4 People You KNOW Play Computer Games on Friday Nights

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Tower defense games are an awesome way to waste time. Whether it’s at home on the computer or whether it’s via an app downloaded to a mobi ...


7 Reasons You Should Become an Astronaut

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The idea of being an astronaut is something that is usually mocked or brushed off between friends. It’s often seen as a profession most are not qual ...


6 Most Bizarre Car Concepts

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Some concept cars introduce a single unique feature that sets them apart from previous model years, while others completely revolutionize the automoti ...

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    8 Offbeat Careers You Should Want
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    If you’re bored with your job, want a change, or just wish that you could do something different, there are all kinds of interesting jobs out there. A lot of […]

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    5 Fuel Injected Hotties
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    Based on body shape, sleekness, and aerodynamic lines, automobiles can either rev up the senses or remain flat and dull. Just as hairstylist makeovers represented by a before and after picture […]