8 Ways to Make Your Video go Viral

Only in the wild world of cyberspace could going viral mean something to brag about. The one thing that many amateur videographers and professional marketing experts have in common is the goal to create a viral video. When the target is reached, the high number of hits brings a feeling of accomplishment to the amateur and priceless brand exposure to the business owner. If you’d like to reach viral status, follow these tips to meet your goal:

1. Tap into the Psychology behind Sharing Videos

To go viral, your video has to touch a sensitive trigger within the viewer that inspires them to not only share the material with their friends, but with the world. For the best results, try to touch a basic emotion, identify with the viewer, or provide invaluable information.

2. Make Your Videos Easy to Share

While YouTube makes it extremely easy to share videos, it’s also easy for your material to become lost in the sheer volume of information. Consider posting your material on some of the other social video sites that have growing communities. Make sure that any site that hosts your video provides simple, easy-to-find tools that make video sharing more likely. When filming your material, test the footage with several popular viewers, like the VLC Media Player, to ensure high-quality video content.

3. Look at the Statistics

Before posting your video, review the statistics for each video sharing platform to determine the best time and the best location for your video. Depending on the target market, your chances of success will be dramatically increased if you put a little thought into the distribution method.

4. Authentic Footage Is Better

Whether the footage has captured the ultimate humiliation or an unbelievable accomplishment, reality trumps staged material every single time in the viral world.

5. Short and Sweet

Long videos quickly lose the attention of most viewers. Shorter videos always have a better chance of going viral. The goal should be to attract attention, deliver the message, and exit quickly. If the viewer likes it, they’ll watch it over and over again and convince their friends to do the same.

6. Use a Catchy Title

No matter how interesting the video might be, no one can search on the contents. Instead, catchy keywords in the title are what gets a video found online. If you can work it in at all, anything about “hot girls” seems to instantly go to the top of the search list.

7. Don’t Repeat Footage

No matter how short your film may be, resist the urge to loop the video. If your audience wants to see it again, they can easily click play a second, or third, time. Repeating the footage diminishes the original impact and creates an unprofessional presentation.

8. Have Fun!

The vast majority of people prefer fun, upbeat material over anything depressing. Whether you’re showing the cute antics of a baby or a crazy, extreme stunt, people will enjoy the footage as they live vicariously through your creation.

As you attempt to go viral, follow this helpful advice to meet your goal!

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