8 Offbeat Careers You Should Want

Okay, maybe not THAT offbeat.

If you’re bored with your job, want a change, or just wish that you could do something different, there are all kinds of interesting jobs out there. A lot of them are probably things that you didn’t even know you wanted to do – or didn’t even know you could get paid to do. It’s always great when you find something fun that you really love. It’s even better when you discover that someone will pay you (preferably a lot) to do it. With that in mind, here are 8 offbeat careers you should want.

1. Flavorist

This job involves combining chemicals to create artificial flavors that taste like real flavors – only stronger and with a better shelf life. While it’s rooted in chemistry, there’s also an art to it.

2. Brewmaster

How could you not like a job where you get to make beer all day? Of course, you’ll have to test some of it to make sure it’s of good quality – and you may want to experiment with new flavors or other options that you could sell for a good profit. The options are pretty much endless.

3. Sensory Brander

It’s not just about what things look like – it’s about how they feel, how they sound, and what they smell like. A sensory brander moves a company beyond just the visual image and into the realm of engaging all of the senses.

4. Carbon Coach

Calculating and offsetting carbon footprints is a great way to make money and help the environment. If you can coach businesses on how to do this, you can make a six-figure salary once you get established – but you’ll need specific training.

5. Sleep Instructor

Who doesn’t want to get paid to help people sleep? It’s a great career that’s calm and supportive, and one that doesn’t stick you in a busy, noisy office all day long. Instead, you’ll lead retreats in peaceful places, where people will learn how to sleep better and channel their new-found energy into productivity while they’re awake.

6. Metaverse Evangelist

Every played Second Life or something similar? If you’re obsessed with it, and computer savvy, you can make a living showing people how games like that can improve their real lives.

7. Interaction Designer

Interaction designers predict how people will use a company’s product. There’s constant stimulation involved, and if you’re good at fiction and creating personas, this will be the perfect kind of job for you.

8. Rollercoaster Engineer

Building rollercoasters and getting paid for it? Why not? It’s a great way to be inventive and creative, and it’s a great deal of fun. Bringing joy to other people is always a cool part of any job.

No matter what job you have, there are plenty of others out there for you. While these may not be the fastest growing jobs, they’re certainly some of the most unique. Why not explore something that you enjoy instead of doing the same mundane thing for the rest of your life? Getting paid for something you enjoy doing never really feels like work, after all.

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