6 Most Bizarre Car Concepts

Some concept cars introduce a single unique feature that sets them apart from previous model years, while others completely revolutionize the automotive industry as real game-changers, either by dramatically altering their look to buck current trends, or by introducing new technologies that take the car enthusiast world by storm. While there’s been a steady increase in new car technologies, these totally blow these incremental updates away.

Here are some of the most bizarre car concepts that have been in the works between the 2010 and 2011 model years.

1.  Renault DeZir Concept: Renault’s line of concept cars is nothing short of amazing, though it is not uncommon for the brand to release a bizarre trend-bucking model. The Renault DeZir concept was originally revealed during the Paris Motor show in 2010, establishing the newest design language from the automaker. This vehicle features gull-wing doors hinged to opposite sides of each door frame.

2.  Mercedes Cyborg Sensation Concept: Inspired by the F400 concept from Mercedes, this is clearly a futuristic-inspired vehicle known as the Cyborg Sensation Vehicle, CSV or just the Mercedes Cyborg. This is a two-seater with off-roading capabilities and lacks a steering wheel because you can use your mind to control it. The concept relies upon the Brain Computer Interface or BCI, using a specially-designed helmet and brain impulses from the driver to power and control the vehicle.

3.  Ferrari Testarossa 3 Concept: Bringing back inspiration from the 1980s Ferrari Testarossa, the Testarossa 3 concept is a two-seater with a central rear engine and a passionate and sporty shape that is unlike anything else available on the auto market today. Two volumes flow together into one another, forming a shape that can only be described as potent and sinuous with carbon, plastic and aluminum materials and a technologically enhanced interior.

4.  Bertone Pandion Concept: This 2011 concept car is inspired by Alfa Romeo’s 8C and Pininfarina’s spider concept. This concept car combines mathematical principles and organic forms, utilizing algorithmic design, intermingled blades, large upward-swinging doors and a floor that is net comprised of carbon fibers. If you are looking for a vehicle that screams “interesting and bizarre concept,” this is definitely one worth considering.

5.  Porsche 918 Spyder Concept: This is a plug-in Porsche model that was premiered during the Geneva auto show in 2010 and confirmed for production only five months later. This hybrid vehicle produces massive horsepower for what it is, and the V8 engine is supported using two different electric motors powered by lithium-ion batteries. This is a limited edition release that is definitely on the bizarre side compared to Porsche’s typical offering.

6. Bugatti Aerolithe Concept: Reinterpreting styling cues from the 1935 Motor Show in Paris, the new Bugatti Aerolithe concept looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, with aeronautical-inspired scissor doors and a trademark Bugatti grill. This concept vehicle was created for the long-upcoming 2025 model year, so it has a ways to go yet.

Carmakers are constantly trying to invent something different and unique, and the result is a variety of bizarre and interesting concept cars. While not every concept car makes it into production, many do, and they completely reinvent the way we look at cars on a consistent basis.

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