5 Fuel Injected Hotties

Based on body shape, sleekness, and aerodynamic lines, automobiles can either rev up the senses or remain flat and dull. Just as hairstylist makeovers represented by a before and after picture can change a hairstyle from flat and lackluster to short, sleek and sexy, so too do auto engineers aim to create a splash with their handiwork. Usually, the first and second editions of a particular model are primarily focused on practicality. Later iterations are where angularity and aerodynamics begin to take center stage.

Following are five contemporary, fuel injected head turners. Each took the theme to a new level.

1. 2010 Ford Mustang.

Ford brought out the Mustang in 1964 and while it has always been known as a classic muscle car, it wasn’t until 46 years later that the car suddenly looked outstanding. With giant wheels, low profile tires and a narrower, taller look than ever before, its shape turned eye catching overnight. Like when you run into your formerly overweight high school classmate at the 20 year reunion and you notice they now have an athlete’s body. Worth waiting for.

2. Cadillac CTS.

Since its initial unveiling in the Matrix movies, the CTS has always had a futuristic feel. Boxier than some contemporary autos, its angular lines nevertheless exude eye catching appeal. The massive grill is unmistakably Cadillac. Diamond shaped light housings round out the eye catching nature. It doesn’t take a load of vinyl clad warriors inside this car for it to look sharp.

3. BMW M3.

Sleek, naturally aspirated power in a luxury package. Available in coupe or convertible, the M3 is perhaps the sexiest thing BMW has produced that’s street legal. Smooth and fast, it’s what people envision themselves to be at the bar after they’ve had a few drinks. But this real gem only drinks gasoline.

4. Lotus Elise SC.

Including a supercharger beneath the hood to boost the horsepower, this model of the tiny Elise has always been a marvel of balance, weight and handling. Additionally, the headlights have an elongated shape that makes most super models pale in comparison. If that doesn’t describe the perfect sexy package, perhaps you’re in need of a rethink on what’s sexy.

5. Mazda RX-8.

Taking up where the previously abandoned RX-7 left off, Mazda eventually recognized the beauty of their former girlfriend and made up with her. They continue to offer this car with a rotary engine, just as it has always been. And that’s sort of like getting back together with your ex to find out that they still make you laugh and feel great about yourself all at the same time. With included rear wheel drive, you’ll turn corners together at speeds that could make you blush. For all the right reasons.

Whether you’re on a budget or looking to buy a handful of new cars for your collection, these models will say something about you. Just make sure you find a good car insurance plan to accompany them, so they’re sure to keep their good looks and charm. They’ll whisper seductively, they’ll purr whimsically, or they’ll roar out loud when you step on the throttle. It’s all up to you. And maybe, just maybe, your passenger. Then again if your passenger is into other things – say expensive accessories he or she can wear – think about all the awesome gifts you can buy when you save money on your car. Because not everyone needs a BMW.

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