5 Bands Who Formed in High School and How They Did It

What teenage kid doesn’t have a dream of becoming a rock star? Many bands are formed in the back of a family garage, or in the basement of their homes – much to the chagrin of parents who are forced to listen to the relentless practices, complete with drums and terrible acoustics. But, the sad truth is that only a handful of these bands ever get beyond the local venues, reaching the stardom they were seeking. Many successful bands formed in college, but here are the success stories that began a little earlier – here are five famous bands who formed in high school.


Most of us have heard of U2. However, what many people don’t realize is that they actually formed in high school, and they have stuck together growing into international stardom. U2 was put together in 1976, when 14 year old Larry Mullen, Jr. put an ad on his Dublin school’s bulletin board looking for musicians. The group that was put together that first day of auditions included Paul Hewson, (who would later become known as Bono) on vocals, Adam Clayton on bass, Dave Evans, (who later become known as The Edge) on guitar, with Mullen on drums.

Green Day

Billy Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt met in their elementary school cafeteria, and put together a band called Sweet Children when they were just 15. After high school, they changed the name of the band to Green Day, due to a comment from one of their teachers claiming it would be a “green day in hell” before they made anything out of themselves.

The Beatles

The Beatles were put together by John Lennon in his final year at Liverpool’s Quarry Bank High School. Originally called The Quarrymen, he was joined by Paul McCartney whom he met at a church event. McCartney was attending Liverpool Institute High School For Boys, but they hit it off over their interest in music. They were later joined by a friend of McCartney’s who was also at the Liverpool institute, George Harrison, and the rest as they say, is history.


Both Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence attended Davidson High School in northern Sydney. They met when Farriss was breaking up a school ground fight, and they became fast friends. Farriss had a band already, called Doctor Dolphin with another friend named Garry Beers playing bass. The three were later invited by Andrew’s older brother Tim Farriss to join them in a band of his with friend Kirk Pengilly. Eventually, younger brother Joe Farriss joined them, and they moved to Perth for a year to learn the ropes. The name was INXS was coined, and they went on to international fame.


The English Charterhouse School in Surrey was the starting point for rock band Genesis, when students Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford formed the band in 1967. They started playing their own music, as they had originally wanted to be songwriters, when no one else would record it. Eventually they were signed, and became a legendary rock band.

Through perseverance, and some shaky beginnings, they all have become rock bands that all aspiring musicians can look up to. They show what is possible, and that sometimes just a little hard work and determination is what it takes to land a record deal and become a star.

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