4 People You KNOW Play Computer Games on Friday Nights

Tower defense games are an awesome way to waste time. Whether it’s at home on the computer or whether it’s via an app downloaded to a mobile device, there’s nothing like tower strategy to help even the most notable people lose touch with reality. Here’s a low tech game we can all play to escape the stress of daily life — all you need is a little imagination and some knowledge about various tower defender games. Armed with nothing more than that, see if you can think of a few people you just KNOW play computer games on Friday nights.

To get you started, here are 4 people whose bizarre behavior can only be explained by the fact that Desktop Tower Defense play has caused an unexpected break with reality.

Sarah Palin – How else could we even begin to explain the bizarre antics of this woman? She consistently amazes the thinking world with her inability to do just that. Think. The best guess is that she is deeply addicted to Tap Defense. It absolutely HAS to be Tap Defense. All the rest of the games are too hard. Come to think of it, half of the people in the United States must be wasting their Friday nights right along with her. However, it was recently reported that the Russians know who bombed that Moscow airport and it wasn’t Sarah Palin.

Charlie Sheen – No brainer. This guy is addicted to Creeps because he is one. The only thing scarier than a monster in your closet is Charlie Sheen in your bedroom. Actually, he probably ought to keep playing this computer game on Friday nights because it’s better for his reputation than doing business with escorts and hitting his wife. It’s also a healthier addiction.

Mel Gibson – If there were only one computer or iPhone in Hollywood, Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen would probably fight over Creeps, so let’s give Mel his own Friday night tower defense game. A man with so many delusions probably plays Zombie Attack and chances are he really believes those ghouls exist. Unfortunately, the dehumanizing epithets he’s probably shrieking at the Zombies are being used against every minority he’s ever encountered.

Billy the Exterminator – What a strange guy. So redneck, yet so knowledgeable about bugs and creepy crawlies. It’s the crazy studded uniform that makes it a dead giveaway that this guy spends his Friday nights playing that girlie tower defense sensation, Garden War. If anyone would know how to build a backyard tower maze to defeat bugs, it’s this guy. You can bet he’s a champion. His mama probably plays this game too.

Okay. You get the idea. There are so many tower defense games to play that it’s undeniable that every brand of weirdo and loser in the world must have one he or she is obsessed with- and it’s also light enough that EVERYONE can play meaning, those with true geekalicious gaming laptops, or those with netbooks.

Happily, most of us are obsessed and that means…we could be weird too.

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